Capacity, services and prices of our private offices have been updated taking into consideration the requirements for distancing and prevention.

At myHQ we are clear that in this current situation with COVID-19, there exists a high degree of uncertainty around the safe usage of workspaces such as offices, meeting rooms, business centers or coworking spaces.

As exclusive service providers of independent private officesfor teams, we have taken a variety of measures in our spaces with the idea to provide the maximum possible  flexibility and security teams and its members need right now.

One important feature of our offices is that it is a totally private and exclusive space for one customer, without any facilities to share.Therefore, having your own office, fully equipped and flexible, guarantees today the highest degree of safety in all aspects, even more so in health protection.

Privacy is safety. Disposing of your own private office assumes:

  • Direct access to your office without having to pass access control which could involve more points of contact.
  • The access to your office is controlled by your organization through an Access App.
  • Shared facilities such as the kitchen, lounge or bathroom are exclusive to members of your organization.
  • A larger space and elevated flexibility to setup your office workspace according to your own distancing and circulation needs.
  • A security protocol defined by you in line with your specific requirements and understanding of this situation.

Each of our offices can adapt to the Control norms and preventive security measures that each client may request from us.Although we have a base plan, we know that every client, in their own private office, might demand specific actions which he or she considers necessary.

Actions that we have scheduled and prioritized:

  • Frequency and intensity of cleaning: we can always adapt our cleaning service to the necessity of each customer with levels of disinfection according to the measures required.
  • Own kitchen and bathroom. In addition, all kitchen utensils such as glasses and bottles are exclusive to each member of the team.
  • Frequentnatural ventilation of all spaces.
  • Flexible setup of workspaces which allows a physicaldistance of approximately 2m between each member of the team.
  • Secure personal lockers facilitate the easy implementation of a‘clean desk’ policy, an essential step to ensure proper daily disinfection of all workstations
  • We also offer the possibility to adapt the workspaces with individual protective screensif necessary.

Our buildings have wide industrial entrances, spacious elevators and large staircases. Access to your own private office can be done in most cases without touching any physical elements or crossing paths with a multitude of people.

We want to transmit in these unusual times ourfull readiness and capability to adapt each of our private offices to the necessities of our customer.